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Rylie Guentensberger

From left to right: Cole, Lauren, Sydney, Annalise, Olivia, Bella, Lindsey, Rylie

Many people know or have heard of Rylie Guentensberger, the 12 year old girl who was fatally injured in a Parker running store.

Everyone on the Puppy Power 5k race team knew her, and many team members were friends with her. Rylie has volunteered at our race in the past years. In 2016, she was the rabbit, the person who lead all the runners. But that’s not all she did. Rylie brought happiness and creativity to our race, because that's just who she was.

To honor Rylie, we decided to plant a tree in her honor. During the 2017 Puppy Power 5k, we raised enough money to plant a tree inside Butterfield Park. The tree has been planted in Butterfield Park, and at the 2018 race it was dedicated.

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